Return on Investment

Mortgage Software ROI

PCLender’s combination of tools, services, and solutions is ideal for lenders concerned with maximizing productivity in a challenging and heavily regulated environment.

Our solutions allow for:

  • Streamline complexity across all lending processes
  • Immediately lower operating costs
  • Automate elements prone to human error
  • Centralize operations with virtual files
  • Track productivity and profitability
  • Integrate operations with Web Services

PCLender’s mission is to become a trusted advisor and technology resource to mortgage lending operations of all sizes, from mortgage bankers to credit unions and community banks. Our refreshing approach is a combination of experienced mortgage banking practices and a collaborative support practices.

Today’s mortgage lenders manage complex product options, mandatory investor and regulatory compliance, information security, and the integration of multiple lending technology tools. Our clients understand successful integration of technology is a requirement for meeting mortgage their banking objectives.

Increased complexity is just one reason to retire old technology and vastly improved profitability is another. Our comprehensive and integrated technology solutions help accomplish this by lowering the costs of doing business and improving operating efficiencies and service levels.

Lowering Costs

Because PCLender delivers its solutions and services via SaaS, many of the traditional costs of ownership are eliminated. We develop, host, and support a proprietary platform for access by lenders, who pay transaction fees for closed loans and a la carte fees for more advanced support services. Authorized users access the system through the Internet anywhere and anytime, eliminating the high costs of purchasing hardware and software for branch or remote operations. Simplified administrative controls allow lenders to customize their workflow and system defaults without excessive costs.

Improving Operating Efficiencies

PCLender’s family of hosted solutions does not require lenders to adopt generic business practices. Our mortgage origination systems are configured for best practices, yet can be configured to accommodate the business practices unique to each lender’s operation. Our products emphasize efficiency throughout the loan origination process, improving quality and heighten productivity. These efficiencies are generated in the following ways:

System design and integration: PCLender leverages its mortgage banking and loan origination expertise with benefits such as:

  • Efficient, methodical implementation
  • Central database agility
  • Efficient functionality for all staff roles
  • Seamless vendor interfaces

Technology management: Via SaaS, PCLender hosts its entire product suite and handles all technology-related issues, including server management, solution updates, security, and data storage.

Compliance focus: PCLender provides tools to help better manage the application document data security and to follow best-practices compliance standards. Our solutions include tools to support business policies and procedures are adhered to throughout the lending process.

Mortgage banking services: PCLender partners with reputable industry experts, consultants, and vendors to support strategic planning and assist with mortgage banking objectives.