Loan Reconciliation

Mortgage Loan Reconciliation Solutions

Loan reconciliation is a process whereby PCLender collects and analyzes empirical data to help lenders make informed decisions. An important quality-control function, loan reconciliation follows the pipeline from cradle to grave, capturing all relevant data.

This helps lenders to:

  • Determine profitability by originator, branch, channel, product, investor, and more
  • Identify areas of operational risk where revenue may be lost
  • Identify opportunities to improve operations and create additional revenue
  • Assist with ensuring that loan data is accurate and relevant

Where is money being left on the table? Our summary reports make it easy to spot changes affecting profitability.

  • Gross Loan Profitability¬†quickly displays profitability in dollars and BPS, then breaks down each loan into asset and liability components
  • Loan Sale Deviation is an alert when a purchase advice does not reconcile with expected revenue
  • Revenue Sales Deviation¬†summarizes deviations between the time the loan is committed on the secondary to the loan purchase

Our Reconciliation Summary aggregates all transaction information into one easy-to-read document, with areas to reconcile data to the HUD-1 form (soon LE/CD), lock request, third-party fees, broker checks, branch fees, escrows, warehouse statement, and investor purchase advice. The summary also reflects the net lender income (loss).

The result is a single database containing the information needed to maintain accountability and profitability controls.