Enterprise Mortgage Software Solutions

Regardless of organization’s size, PCLender has developed mortgage loan software, data security solutions, and automation tools and services to assist with your loan automation requirements. Our mortgage origination and document security systems are configured to emphasize lender’s special needs and our suite of products increase efficiencies across all aspects of the loan origination process, allowing lenders to increase quality and productivity. These efficiencies are generated in the following ways:

* System Design and Integration
PCLender leverages it mortgage banking and loan origination expertise to offer an end-to-end solution that is the best in the industry with one database, efficient functionality for all roles, and seamless vendor interfaces.

* Technology Management
As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions provider, PCLender hosts the entire product suite managing all technology issues including: redundant datacenters, server management, and data storage for the life of the loan.

* Compliance Focus
Unlike other LOS systems, PCLender follows best practice compliance standards. Tools are provided to customers that allow them to assure that business policies and procedures are adhered to, while completing the lending process.

* Mortgage Banking Services
PCLender partners with industry experts and consultants to provide industry best practices that support a lender’s strategic plan for mortgage banking.

As a hosted SaaS solutions provider, we reduce our client’s requirements for an IT department to support mortgage lending processes and deliver the tools necessary for efficient mortgage lending. Login anywhere, anytime and operate centrally from multiple offices across the country, without the high costs of purchasing hardware and software. Our Mortgage Services department ensures operations are supported for all phases of loan delivery by offering strategic outsourcing, training, and other services.

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