Vendor Interfaces

Best of Breed Mortgage Vendor Integrations

PCLender’s LOS offers a comprehensive mortgage solution.

Designed to simplify the mortgage banking process using best of breed vendors, our product includes seamless vendor links and interfaces for credit reporting, automated underwriting, appraisal, mortgage insurance, flood certifications, fraud detection, high cost analysis, HMDA data, initial disclosures, and closing documents. All of our interfaces are designed for efficiency, automatically populating screens and forms with the retrieved information. PCLender’s LOS utilizes the latest technology, providing innovative, secure and reliable service every mortgage banking professional needs. By providing this best-of-breed approach, you are not locked-in to one vendor’s “opinion” of best practices for mortgage processing.

PCLender furnishes our customers with the resources to successfully compete in the mortgage banking industry. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our product by updating our services as the industry changes. A primary example of this is the integration of interfaces for credit reporting, automated underwriting, pricing/secondary tools, fraud, compliance, mortgage insurance, flood checks, and closing documents. These interfaces provide a method for acquiring information and delivering documents via the Internet. Prior to submitting information, users have the option to run detailed data checks ensuring that all required fields have been completed.

Interface highlights:

Interfaces are developed as two-way communication between our LOS and the vendor reducing the number of repetitive data entry inputs.

Data Integrity 
Data checks are continually updated and monitored, explaining clearly and concisely what information is incorrect or missing and how the problem can be resolved.

Results and Findings 
PCLender retrieves detailed loan data that populates the system for automated workflow. This detail includes mortgage data from credit reports, flood zones that require flood insurance, or AUS findings to ensure loan data matches submitted data.

Credit Reports 
Obtain instant merge reports or full residential mortgage credit reports from numerous credit bureaus, automatically populating liabilities to appropriate screens and forms.

Automated Underwriting System
Provide users with a more efficient method of approving loans and reducing liability and data entry by seamlessly sending and retrieving data from premier AUS providers.

Appraisal Management
Users can manage approved appraiser lists, electronically process blind or double orders and import the data and images back to PCLender’s LOS

Flood Check
Interfaces electronically transmit information needed to determine whether a property is located in a flood zone to appropriate vendors, allowing importing of the flood check certification form as well as HMDA census tract information.

Closing Document 
Document generation interfaces ensure that state and federal lending compliance requirements are met, and provide an easy method of delivering documents via the Internet to remote settlement agents.

Fraud Detection
Leverage the unique experience in specialized areas of our vendor partners that manage borrower, property and service provider fraud. Advanced systems and techniques are designed to maximize loss mitigation and recovery efforts for lenders.

Integrating the industries best providers allows lenders to validate Anti-Predatory regulations, State high cost tests, and if fees are allowed per applicable statutes.

Mortgage Insurance 
Seamless Mortgage Insurance interfaces provide quick results by exporting loan level data and importing rate factors, approvals and coverage certificates.

Pricing and Product Eligibility 
Single authentication for loan officers, third party originators and secondary marketing staff provide and seamless integration and data synchronization into advanced tools that set pricing, process locks, track investor commitments and ensure margins are properly managed.

PCLender provides institutions with a direct connection to a number of vendors, significantly reducing the time it takes to acquire approval and close loans. Interface vendors are chosen after extensive research and become PCLender’s strategic partners. Our vendor selection process allows us to deliver quality interfaces to fulfill regulatory and CFPB loan requirements. Data is sent directly from the screen to the appropriate vendor where it is processed, providing an immediate response. This exchange of data is seamless, eliminating errors commonly associated with repetitive data input. With our system, the transfer of information is simple, fast and efficient.