Mortgage Websites

Mortgage Lending Websites

Retail websites

At PCLender we help our customers achieve greater marketing and lending success using our website creation tools. We provide everything needed to deploy powerful, customized websites featuring unique graphics and content that will serve as a round-the-clock channel for new applications. Retail lending websites hosted by PCLender, are secure and allow for installation of interactive tools for borrowers, such as:

  • Online mortgage loan applications
  • Prequalification applications
  • Updated rates
  • Real-time loan status and image collection

PCLender Web tools create unprecedented retail lending efficiencies:

Secure communication: Loan origination documents are password protected and delivered directly to the borrower based on lending criteria and investor rules. Additionally, e-sign functionality is available as an optional service

Information gathering: Dynamic forms collect all the data needed to produce quality results and granting the most informed business decisions.

Integration: Loan information is seamlessly integrated in real-time with PCLender’s LOS and secondary products. Data exports are standard DO/DU (FNMA 3.2) or MISMO formats, enabling use of our web products with current tools.

Scalability: Our web products support an unlimited number of borrowers.

Database development: Contact information is captured and stored for later reference.

Creating a retail website with online mortgage loan application and processing, allows for:

  • Originate and close more loans
  • Market lenders, branches and originators via the Internet
  • Serve applicants and borrowers more efficiently
  • Provide a convenient 24/7 loan application and tracking tool
  • Project a sophisticated image in the marketplace

Security is our top priority. As a website host, PCLender ensures all online mortgage application information is encrypted and securely stored in a central database for easy access by our client’s staff.

B2B websites

PCLender website tools allow lenders to more effectively manage B2B relationships and/or wholesale lending operations. Third-party originators, including brokers, can enter a simplified web portal to access rate and lending guidelines, read pipeline reports, check loan status, and submit locks. Access rights are centrally managed by the client’s company and allows brokers to submit loans directly to PCLender’s LOS allowing immediate access for the processing staff.

Our web-based tools also help manage transactions and improve communication with third-party service providers such as appraisers, insurance, and title companies.

Benefits of creating a B2B website are:

  • Streamline wholesale operations
  • Improve broker relationship management
  • Conduct 24/7 wholesale operation
  • Improve efficiency of third-party service management
  • Project a sophisticated image in the marketplace