Loan Origination Software

PCLender Loan Origination Software

PCLender’s loan origination software is distinctive in the marketplace. This user-friendly, web-based system is defaulted with best practices rules, integrated with the industries best vendors yet offers customized workflow. I Implementation is fast, well-defined, and cost effective. Data is securely hosted, eliminating the need for additional technology hardware and service expenditures. Simply connect to the application using designated ID and user authentication.

Unique features provided in PCLender’s loan origination software and mortgage lending software include the ability to print, email, or e-sign more than 2,000 forms directly from within the program, and manage workflow using the integrated status sheet, access to vendor interfaces, loan summaries, and data checks. Pipeline and management reports based on specific search criteria allow more effective business decisions. PCLender’s LOS provides seamless lending technology with imbedded rules-based imaging to support the management and development of mortgage lending businesses.

Our Web-based enterprise platform has been designed to support the ten primary functions in mortgage banking, including:

  • Web site design, implementation, and hosting to provide product, service, loan status, and company information to mortgage customers and business partners
  • Point-of-sale applications for gathering information from borrowers and business partners that issue loan terms, disclosures, and underwriting conditions
  • Loan origination software for managing loan data, borrower data, property data, vendor data, general status reporting, and calculations
  • Interface systems to send and receive data from real estate service providers, such as credit reports, flood determinations, automated underwriting, appraisal, compliance/fraud, and closing documents
  • Internal automated underwriting system that is simple enough for originators and sophisticated enough for underwriting portfolio loan products
  • Document generation for applications, upfront disclosures, business processes, and closing documents
  • Integrated imaging that can be used for loan origination, virtual processing/underwriting, investor delivery and file archiving
  • Interest rate and fee generation along with program qualification guidelines
  • Secondary marketing data tools to track loan revenue and investor relationships. We include trade/forward commitments, warehouse line management and interim servicing to complete the back-office system
  • Reporting such as loan delivery, year-end fee reporting, and HMDA reporting for loan application disposition

Technology Specifications

PCLender’s LOS utilizes a fully redundant SQL relational database structure that offers superior speed, eliminates restrictions on critical information such as number of borrowers, assets, and liabilities, and provides a scalability path for thousands of simultaneous users.

Software updates are loaded automatically when a user logs on. User rights configured by the lender administrators determine what loans can be accessed and what activities can be performed on a loan. User rights may also be configured for limited data editing based on the status of loan files.

Single or multiple files may be imported or exported in Fannie Mae 3.2 or the MISMO format utilized by Freddie Mac to exchange data from other LOS or to proprietary automated underwriting systems. Reports with user-defined fields for individual records can have data exported in ASCII, dBase, Paradox, or Comma Delimited format. This allows simple integration with lead generation, marketing, contact management, payroll, servicing, and reporting programs in a manual report or automated batch process.