Database Integration

Mortgage Software Database Integration

PCLender customers have several options for integrating the LOS database with data from other applications. Our tools enable data imports and exports, such as unattended and user-generated data exports, as well as easy connection to third-party reporting products. All PCLender integration options are completely secure and data protected, highlighted by our SSAE16 certification. Access to the database is only gained through the LOS platform and is password protected.

Lender options include:

Web Services:

Customers and/or vendors who would like to integrate PCLender’s LOS with an external database can do so using our Web Services product, which allows for the direct exporting of LOS Mortgage data. Web Services also provides data importing, supported via FNMA 3.2, MISMO, or other PCLender LOS files.

PCLender LOS exports:

Customers can perform data searches within PCLender’s LOS and export the correlating data to standard formats, such as ASCII, Comma Delimited, dBase, Paradox, HMDA, and Excel. These exports can be executed either from within the LOS by an authorized end user, or on an unattended basis using a batch file and a scheduler program. This is also useful for external reporting software such as Crystal Reports.