Our Company

PCLender LLC is a leading provider of mortgage loan application software, loan origination software, and data security solutions for the mortgage industry.

We are the mortgage lending solution.

The company founded in 1997 to provide mortgage lending products and services focused on delivering low maintenance, industry-compliant automation solutions to credit unions, community banks, and mortgage lenders. PCLender is a flexible extension of each organization, and a trusted advisor focused on maximizing our client’s potential. PCLender is driven to provide automation solutions to streamline all stages of the mortgage banking process including loan origination, application processing, approval, closing, and delivery of loans to the secondary market. We offer an enterprise class system that is scalable for small and large lenders alike. PCLender’s loan origination and mortgage loan application software product suites capture all consumer entry points, thus creating a simplified process for the consumer and the mortgage lenders. PCLender systems are an all inclusive solution encompassing software, hardware, vendor interfaces, and table/data management to facilitate the implementation of “Best Business Practices” for mortgage lending and data security solutions.

The Team

PCLender’s overall strength is the team in place to assist our customers with improved profitability through technology solutions. Our team combines expertise in mortgage lending and data security solutions to ensure we are the most efficient and cutting edge solution available to mortgage lenders today. The PCLender team consists of people with varying mortgage and technology backgrounds, which allow us to leverage best practices from multiple industries. The core competency of the organization is delivering solutions that immediately provide return on investment and can be rapidly implemented. Our team recognizes middle market lenders must improve efficiencies and introduce new lending products to remain competitive. These efficiencies in the mortgage industry are directly related to the mortgage automation systems implemented and utilized.

Committed to Excellence

PCLender’s business philosophy is focused on providing mortgage lending, mortgage automation, data security expertise and action plans that complement the customers’ existing resources. Our vision is to empower lenders to profitably deliver home loans to consumers, while maximizing shareholder value and leading our industry to new levels of accountability and service. At PCLender our mantra is Quality equals Profitability.


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